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Autumn Leaf Pictures - Pictures of Autumn Leaf Display of Trees and Forests

An Autumn Leaf Picture Gallery


Fall View From Natches Trace, Alabama

Fall View From Natches Trace, Alabama

Photo by Steve Nix, Licensed to About.com
I have created a collection of Autumn tree leaf pictures that represent the Fall forest in North America. These autumn leaf pictures record leaf colors displayed in major fall leaf viewing destinations - from the Appalachians to the Cascades.

The Autumn leaf color change starts very subtly late in September and early October in temperate North America. Trees respond to such factors as late summer drying conditions, temperature change, altered sun position, and light. It takes approximately two weeks to begin and complete the brilliant fiery eruption and fall color change if conditions are favorable.

An autumn leaf color flow and wave model was designed at the University of Georgia to illustrate what leaf experts call the fall color wave. Fall foliage color changes begin at high altitudes and latitudes and for all practical purposes move down-slopes and southward through North America.

The Autumn Tree leaf Pictures

The Autumn Forest Landscape Pictures:

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