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Central Park North - A Walking Photo Tour of Common Park Trees


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Central Park North - Kwanzan Cherry
Kwanzan Cherry

Kwanzan Cherry

Photo by Steve Nix
These Kwanzan cherries line the running track on the western side of Central Park's Reservoir. Kwanzan cherries in full bloom are a sight to behold and above is a picture of one. One of a dozen different species of ornamental cherries planted in New York City parks, the Kwanzan cherry provides a strong pink contrast to lighter-colored cherry blossoms.

In North America, Kwanzan is one of the most popular and healthiest breeds of Sato Zakura cherries. This cherry is a favorite cultivated tree in Japan and has an exceptional "fluffy" blossom display. Asian cultures have contributed to the breeding of wild cherry trees into showy park ornamentals including the Kwanzan and Yoshino cherry. Read more about: Kwanzan cherry at Statue of Liberty

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