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American Elm - 100 Most Common North American Trees


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Introduction To American Elm
American elm - Identification Plate

American elm - Identification Plate

American elm is the most popular of urban shade trees. This tree was planted along downtown city streets for decades. The tree has had major problems with Dutch elm disease and is now out of favor when considered for urban tree planting. The vase-shaped form and gradually arching limbs make it a favorite to plant on city streets.

This native North American tree grows quickly when young, forming a broad or upright, vase-shaped silhouette, 80 to 100 feet high and 60 to 120 feet wide. Trunks on older trees could reach to seven feet across. American Elm must be at least 15-years-old before it will bear seed. The copious amount of seeds can create a mess on hard surfaces for a period of time. Trees have an extensive but shallow root system.

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American Elm in Central Park
The Silviculture of American Elm

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