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Red Maple - 100 Most Common North American Trees


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Introduction To Red Maple
Red Maple - Identification Plate

Red Maple - Identification Plate

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Red maple is well named. Every season shows red with red buds in winter, red flowers in spring, red leaf stems in summer and red leaves in fall. The red maple occupies one of the largest eastern north-south ranges in North America - from Canada to the tip of Florida. The tree is very tolerant and grows under nearly any condition.
Many foresters consider Acer rubrum inferior and undesirable because it is often poorly formed and defective, especially on poor sites. On good sites, however, it may grow fast with good form and quality for saw logs. Red maple is a subclimax species that can occupy overstory space but is usually replaced by other species. It is classed as shade tolerant and as a prolific sprouter. It ranks high as a shade tree for landscapes.

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Red Maple - Tree of the Year!
The Silviculture of Red Maple

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