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Top Outdoor Global Positioning System Receivers

The Best Hand-held GPSrs at the Best Prices


Here are five great hand-held GPS receivers I recommend for forestry and other outdoor use. Things to remember: (1) Unless you are absolutely certain your color screen is of the best quality for outdoor visibility, stick with black and white. (2) No GPS receiver will always perform well at all times under heavy tree cover or on steep terrain. (3) GPS receivers are designed to operate properly with a clear view of the sky. Less than a full sky view may compromise the reliability of your GPS data.

1. Garmin GPSMAP 60C Series

My pick for a full functioning GPS outdoor receiver is Garmin's GPSmap 60C series. I own one of these units and suggest you consider purchasing (even at their premium price) any upgrade on this unit.

The 60C's excellent outside color screen resolution, long battery life, extra memory and map loading capability makes it a choice investment for forester, hiker or geocasher. It has great car/truck navigation features without giving up exceptional outside or hand-held capability. GPSinformation.net says it is THE "GPS for all". You will be paying a slight premium for the product but it meets or exceeds specs of all GPSrs I've reviewed. This unit also fits all the criteria I demand in Buying an Outdoor GPS Receiver

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2. Magellan eXplorist Series

My pick for a functioning GPS outdoor receiver with a great price is one in the Magellan eXplorist Series. My wife owns the eXplorist 200 and she has been completely satisfied. It is an excellent first unit.

The first several receivers in the Magellan's eXplorist series are built for the beginning navigator who just needs the essentials to enjoy hiking and the fun of geocaching. The eXplorist screen comes in both color and black and white, plus is as large as some of the more expensive units of the same size. I love the more than adequate base map - a great first buy.

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3. Garmin eTrex Series

The Garmin eTrex Vista Color or BW GPS receiver is another "all purpose" unit that can be used for both auto travel and for outdoors. It is a great medium priced unit.

The receiver is extremely compact (called pocket-sized), can extend battery life (with color screen management) to a very desirable 30 hours and is an easy unit to learn on. The Garmin eTrex Vista also has a horizontally operated compass and a barometer with enhanced screens. eTrex Vista fits all the criteria I demand in Buying an Outdoor GPS Receiver

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4. Magellan Triton Series

Magellan's Triton Series GPS receivers have simple menus, instant access buttons, an intuitive scroll pad and graphics that clearly show how to operate the GPSr. The basic unit is for anyone on a budget. Magellan's Triton Series fits all the criteria I demand in Buying an Outdoor GPS Receiver

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5. Magellan Meridian Platinum

Magellan's Meridian Platinum GPS receiver is for the serious navigator who has an additional need for weather information. Platinum's main selling feature is it's 3-axis electronic compass that provides readings more forgiving of how you hold the unit. Most other GPS compasses have to be held in the horizontal position. Also included is a built in barometer / thermometer which some call a "mini-weather station". Platinum fits all the criteria I demand in Buying an Outdoor GPS Receiver
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