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The Benefits of the Neem Tree

About Neem Tree

The scoop on Neem Tree or Azadiracta indica...

alt.cancer.com - Neem

"Few plants can claim to be as useful for such a broad array of medical problems as the Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica)."

Ayurvedic Medicine

"Neem is considered a major element in preventing and healing diseases among Ayurvedic practitioners."

Azadirachtin: A Limanoid

A powerful antifeedant most specifically located in the seed kernel.

Azadirachtin: The Toxicology Report

"Azadirachtin is registered in the United States as a general use pesticide...."

Azadirachta indica: One Tree's Arsenal Against Pests

A report on the neem tree from Colorado State...

Biopiracy and the Neem Tree

A classic case of biopiracy by transnational corporations. Read and make your own judgement...

History of the Neem Tree

The neem craze started with Julius Caesar...

The Neem Foundation

"Neem Foundation is a voluntary, independent, non-profit organization. It is the apex body of all Neem movements around the world.."

The Original Neem Co.

The Original Neem Co.(tm) produces NeemAura Naturals', a range of premium neem based-products that contain only the purest, natural ingredients.
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