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What Tree is That?

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What Tree is That?

What Tree Is That?

Arbor Day Foundation

The Bottom Line

What Tree Is That? is a great mid-priced, pocket-sized tree identification manual and key that covers many common trees in North America - from Atlantic to Pacific. Published by respected Arbor Day Foundation, the book is ideal for people who want a good tree key/guide, who need a compact carry along identification manual and don't want to spend a fortune.


  • One of the best color illustrated, affordable pocket tree guides I've seen.
  • Excellent leaf, twig, fruit illustrations make for quick common American tree ID.
  • Improved weather resistant copy over past paper brochure versions.
  • Top notch index with both common and scientific names.


  • Ignores some lesser known tree species.


  • The book features detailed botanical tree illustrations by talented Karina Helm.
  • The included key is dichotomous. You select the best of two questions until identification is made.
  • The book is a great resource that features the most common trees found in North America along with their characteristics.

Guide Review - What Tree is That?

What Tree Is That? is one of the best weather-resistant, pocket-sized tree identification manuals with a key available for the most common trees of North America. One hundred and thirty six illustrated pages are crammed full of tips that help in identifying North America's most common native trees. This Arbor Day Foundation tree guide provides every included tree's leaf, fruit, twig and bark description along with great illustrations. Excellent clues are included that assist in making the final identification. This key is dichotomous. You determine the best answer of two questions until identification. Many times you can skip the key if you review the leaf illustrations and have some knowledge of individual tree species.

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