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America's Famous and Historic Trees

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America's Famous and Historic Trees

America's Famous and Historic Trees

The Bottom Line

Nurseryman Jeff Meyer and American Forest's Famous and Historic Trees project have combined forces to create a history book for tree lovers. This book is unique in its celebration of 17 special trees that have witnessed American history - and with a tree nursery twist. In addition to the tree's history, you are given a "how to" on growing that particular species from seed and where to plant the seed when it sprouts.
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  • An inspiring tribute to a handful of America's truly great trees.
  • A grand documentary on preserving notable trees via their offspring.
  • The perfect blend of history and arboriculture.
  • Each chapter of the book highlights a uniquely famous and historic tree.


  • The photographic content is not especially outstanding.


  • Each chapter describes a notable and unique tree and how it was a witness to history.
  • Each chapter gives detailed propagation information for each tree.
  • Each chapter gives tips on where to plant that particular tree.

Guide Review - America's Famous and Historic Trees

America's Famous and Historic Trees: From George Washington's Tulip Poplar to Elvis Presley's Pin Oak is a hardcover book by Jeffrey G. Meyer and Sharon Linnea. It has 130 pages with both color and black and white photos. America's Famous and Historic Trees is published by Houghton Mifflin.
This book came about primarily because of Mr. Meyer's association with America's Famous and Historic Trees project and the American Forests organization. It tells stories of seventeen historic trees and how their seeds were collected and their offspring propagated. Famous trees discussed in this book include George Washington's tulip poplar, Elvis Presley's pin oak, the Moon sycamore and Johnny Appleseed's Rambo apple tree.
America's Famous and Historic Trees has not been duplicated, that I can find, in the existing literature and is a "one of a kind" book. The book is based on historical fact and all the botanical information is scientificly based and backed by years of experience of a working nurseryman
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