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Forestry Journals and Publications

Forestry has hundreds of publications about trees and related subjects. Here are links to some of the best for forestry..

The Forestry Source
The Forestry Source, the newspaper of the Society of American Foresters, offers timely news for forest resource professionals

Forest Products Journal
The Forest Products Journal, which is published 10 times a year, is only available to members of the Forest Products Society and is part of the services provided in the annual Membership dues.

Forest Science
A quarterly journal of research and technical progress. Articles in forestry research: silviculture, soils, biometry, disease, recreation, photosynthesis, and tree harvesting, and policy analysis.

Journal of Forestry
Published monthly. The mission of the Journal is to advance the profession of forestry by keeping professionals informed about significant developments and ideas in forest science, natural resource management, and forest policy.

Loggers World

Logging & Sawmilling Journal
A magazine about the people, equipment and management techniques that shape the forest industry in Canada. Logging & Sawmilling Journal covers the highly integrated silviculture, harvesting and timber processing industry from the small logging contractor and portable sawmiller. 

Northern Journal of Applied Forestry

Canadian Forest Industries

Pallet Enterprise

Panel World

Paper Industry

Southern Journal of Applied Forestry

Southern Loggin' Times

TMS Machinery Sales

Timber Processing

Timber Harvesting

Timberline Magazine

Tappi Journal
This is the leading publication for information on the pulp, paper, packaging and converted products.  It is a monthly magazine of general interest  to the pulp and paper industry.

Tree Farmer Magazine
Tree Farmer, the Practical Guide to Sustainable Forestry is the official magazine of ATFS.

American Forests Magazine
American Forests publication...

Western Journal of Applied Forestry

Wildland Firefighter

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