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Guide for Preparing and Completing a Timber Sale


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Timber Sale Horror Stories
Pole Logging Deck

Pole Logging Deck

Photo by Steve Nix, Licensed to About.com
There are frequent horror stories told by timber owners on themselves about mistakes made when selling timber. I wish I had a dollar for every "if only I had done it differently" story. Even better, I wish I had a nickel from every dollar lost by those mistakes. Mistakes when selling your timber can cost you dearly plus can negatively influence future harvests.

Just one botched sale can cost you much of the value of decades-old timber. No step in tree farming is more important than selling timber correctly. You cannot spend too much time studying how to do it and will be way ahead just by reviewing this guide.

An easy way for a do-it-yourselfer to quickly get into trouble is selling timber using "lump sum" value with only a handshake and without a tree inventory. Don't sell lump sum without a timber inventory, a contract and a payment check that won't bounce. Please find a professional partner!

Another way to get into big trouble is selling your timber on a "pay-as-cut" basis while letting the buyer both grade and measure logs without you or a representative inspecting his work. Pay as cut is where the buyer pays you by the log load as they are harvested. Don't sell by the log load unless you are willing to check each load and can verify the scaling rules. Again, get professional help!

Hundreds of thousands of timber sales are made each year. These links will help you do your tree sale right and with minimum confusion: Review this timber sale link site

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