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Developing A Personalized Timber Sale Contract


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You Can Use a Sample Timber Contact, But Remember...
The Contract

The Contract

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Creating a timber sale contract should give you comfort and reduced anxiety over that next timber sale. A timber contract is created to put both logger and timber owner on notice and is a reminder of their obligations. These written commitments will more often lead to a mistake-free harvest than not having a timber contract.

The legal consequences resulting from cutting, purchasing and selling timber should be of major concern to all parties involved in a timber sale. Most forestry professionals will recommend you always use a timber sale contract and you should customize every contract around a sale's unique conditions.

So, should you use a sample contract to develop your own timber contract? The answer is yes as it forces you to think about the legal ramifications of selling timber and gives you a first draft of the contract. But always have it reviewed by both a forester and a lawyer. Abide by their suggestions for changes and fine tuning.

Do not duplicate a sample word for word. It is easy to copy an example thinking that it will cover all of your conditions. In many cases it will not be adequate. You are advised to use this representative contract only as a general guide.

Use this timber contract guide along with the Sample Timber Sale Contract Template

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