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Identify a Tree by Leaf Silhouette

Tree Leaf Silhouette


In his publication, Deciduous Trees & Shrubs of Central Minnesota, Stephen G. Saupe, Ph.D., biology professor, has offered silhouettes of some of the common species will likely be seen in Minnesota as well as throughout North America. These diagrams were designed to help his students study leaf form.

Inspired by Dr. Saupe's collection, I've developed a similar method to create leaf silhouettes. I will be adding to this growing collection of North American tree leaf silhouettes. One caution, these images are not to scale so refer to the leaf size description.

More Leaf Illustrations

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Silhouettes Green Ash LeafSilhouettes Green Ash LeafSilhouettes Buckeye LeafSilhouettes Horse Chestnut/Buckeye LeafSilhouettes Ginkgo LeafSilhouettes Ginkgo LeafSilhouettes Maple LeafSilhouettes Maple Leaf
Silhouettes Basswood LeafSilhouettes Basswood LeafSilhouettes Bur Oak LeafSilhouettes Bur Oak LeafSilhouettes Ironwood LeafSilhouettes Ironwood LeafSilhouettes Hackberry LeafSilhouettes Hackberry Leaf
silhouettes Big Tooth Aspensilhouettes Big Tooth AspenSilhouettes Cottonwood LeafSilhouettes Cottonwood LeafSilhouettes Catalpa LeafSilhouettes Catalpa LeafSilhouettes Honey Locust LeafSilhouettes Honey Locust Leaf
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