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Tree Care Information - Fixing Tree Problems

Tree Care Management Based On USFS Document AIB-387


A good tree care program begins with a general understanding of man's role in relation to trees. Regarding your own trees, you will usually have four possible courses of action to choose from. Which action you choose to take will have a profound effect on your trees. The following four illustrations will probably fit your situation but you should recognize the result of your decision.

In addition to insects and diseases, a large part of tree care management is recognizing tree wounds and and doing what is necessary to treat or prevent tree wounds.

1. The Unmanaged Tree

USFS Illustration
All trees can be left uncut to allow a natural or wilderness area to develop. You will be leaving the trees to face all natural processes and disregarding the equations that affect tree health. You allow insects, diseases, wounds and decay to take their course.

2. The Poorly Managed Tree

USFS Illustration
Trees take many years to grow. The effects of planting a new tree or cutting and pruning an old tree will be felt years later. Improper management affects a tree's health and the health of that tree is a major factor in all situations concerned with proper tree management. Trees not pruned properly or removed when needed are major causes of tree problems. Wounded trees cause diseases that starts a processes that can lead to decay. Decay will lead to low quality, unsightly, and hazardous trees.

3. The Properly Managed Tree

USFS Illustration

A good tree care program includes looking for hints of trouble. There are a number of signs and symptoms that indicate the potential for development of decay in a tree. Some trees are improperly pruned or have some environmental damage. All too often they go unrecognized until it is too late. Early recognition of damaging agents, followed by proper treatment, can do much to minimize the damage caused by decay and the subsequent waste of so many good trees. Before deciding on a plan of action, it is wise to consider your active destructive tree agents - insects, disease, wounds and decay.

4. Going Treeless

USFS Illustration

You certainly should consider going treeless if your available time and space is limited and you would rather grow a yard or a garden. Trees in yards can effect everything from light to nutrients and can be expensive to remove.

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