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Earth Day, 2006 - A Brief Q&A


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Earth Day Network

Who founded Earth Day?:

Former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson developed the Earth Day idea. Leaving the Senate in 1981, Nelson now serves as counselor of The Wilderness Society and continues to promote Earth Day.

When was the first Earth Day? :

Twenty million participants attended rallies and teach-outs all over the United States in 1970, the first year Earth Day was organized. That first Earth Day was organized by Denis Hayes who is now chair of Earth Day Network.

Is there still an Earth Day? :

Yes. Every April 22. This 2006 celebration will be the 36th Earth Day.

What forest and tree actions are promoted during Earth Day?:

Earth Day Network established a goal of planting 285 million trees - one for every American - over three years starting last year. I am disappointed that there is very little reference to "Trees Across America" at Earth Day Network but have been assured the program is still active.

Where is Earth Day promoted? :

The day involves tens of thousands of events, from rallies and teach-outs to concerts and earth fairs. It supports environmental awareness in cities throughout the world. You can find an event close to you by visiting any of a number of Earth Day site links I provide.

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