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Trees With Pinnately Compound Leaves - Tree Leaf Key

A Quick and Easy Way to Identify 50 Common North American Trees


You have now identified a tree with a pinnately compound leaf. Now lets figure out which of these leaves you’re looking at match up to the bipinnate leaf or a pinnate leaf identified below.

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1. Trees With Bipinnate Leaves

Does your tree have a leaf that at least some of the leaves are doubly compound (leaflets within a leaflet or bipinnate) and the leaflets have smooth margins? If yes, you most probably have a black locust or honey locust.

2. Trees With Pinnate Leaves

Pinnate Leaf
Does your tree have a leaf that is pinnately compound (the leaflets grow from several places along the stalk) and at least some of the leaflet margins are toothed at the base? If so, continue to hickory, ash, walnut and pecan.

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