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Reconsider Planting Mimosa in Your Yard


Reconsider Planting Mimosa in Your Yard


Albizia julibrissin and also called silk tree.

Why You Should Not Plant Mimosa:

Mimosa is short lived and very messy. Seed pods litter both the tree and the ground. The seeds often germinate and sprouts cover your lawn and surrounding area.
The wood of mimosa is very brittle and weak and the multiple speading branches are prone to breakage. This breakage is a major factor in its limited ability to live a long life. In addition to the breakage, the tree attracts webworm and vascular wilt which leads to an early demise.

Redeeming Features:

*Mimosa is a handsome tree with beautiful silk-like flowers.
*Mimosa is tolerant of drought and alkaline soils.

"More Bad Trees"

Quotes on Mimosa:

"There are too many other high-quality trees in this cruel world to warrant planting this tree." - U.S. Forest Service in Fact Sheet ST68

"At one time considered a choice small flowering tree, it is questionable in today's landscapes because of its disease susceptability." - Dr. Mike Dirr

More Info on Mimosa:

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