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Reconsider Planting Willow in Your Yard


Willow :

Salixspp. - Black, willow, pussy, shinning, Carolina, Missouri

Why You Should Not Plant Willow!:

Willows are fast-growing trees that quickly expand beyond their space. Roots negatively effect water, septic and sewer lines. The willow is a brittle, weak wood that breaks with high winds and litters the landscape.
Willow is not a good tree because of its large, lateral size. If you want a "weeping" yard tree, pick from cherry and birch species. Willow is a much loved tree but needs to be planted in it's proper habitat along streams and ponds.

Redeeming Features:

*Willows offer highly ornamental bark, flowers and foliage.
*Willows grow very quickly and can be transplanted easily.

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