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Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Planting

Most of your questions are answered about beginning and carrying out a tree planting project.

All About Tree Planting - Frequently Asked Questions
Pine straw is a favored mulch and groundcover for landscapers and homeowners. This trend is providing extra income to the forest owners who own pines. Here are the most frequently asked questions about pine needle harvest.

How do I plant a tree seedling or sapling?
Planting methods for "bare-root" and "balled" trees are different!

Where should you plant a seedling or sapling?
You should always abide by the USDA Tree and Plant Hardiness Zones!

How do I know I am ready to plant a tree?
Take this quiz to find out if you are ready to plant a tree!

What is the best tree for me to plant in my yard?
Pick from this list of ten great yard trees!

What are "root balled" tree saplings?
Plant tree saplings contained in a "root ball"!

What are "bare-root" tree seedlings?
Plant tree seedlings that have "bare-roots"!

When is the season for planting trees?
Picking a date to plant a tree.

Do I really need to mulch my new planted tree?
Mulching a tree is cheap insurance to keep a tree healthy!

Where can I buy trees to plant?
Find lists of tree seedling and sapling sources!

What trees should I reconsider planting in my yard?
Trees you may not want to plant in your yard!

Where can I buy tree planting equipment?
Forestry suppliers online...

How many trees are planted in the United States?
How much do you know about trees planted in the United States?

About's FAQ on Tree Planting
An informative list of frequently asked questions about planting tree seedlings and saplings.

Planting Trees FAQ
Frequently asked questions on planting and trees to reconsider and not plant.

Planting Trees FAQ
Frequently asked questions on planting and best trees to plant.

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