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The Forestry Professional

Professional foresters are employed for their advanced skills developed during years of experience after receiving a degree from an accredited University. In addition to developing forest management plans and supervising timber harvests, professional foresters can also help with non-harvest questions that include estate appraisals, tax basis determination, advice about forest property assistance programs, and managing a forest for wildlife and outdoor recreation.

More on the Profession of Forestry

Guide to Enjoying Trees and Leaves of Fall

Bob Padgett Yellow Poplar in Full Color

One of nature's grandest color displays -- the autumn tree leaf color change -- will develop as early as mid-September in the northern latitudes of North America. This annual autumn tree leaf change will manifest itself through most of October, then wane toward the end of November in the southern part of the United States. Here is everything you need while exploring the coming Season of Color in North America.  

Forestry Spotlight10

Growing and Caring for Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk-island Pine is a tall conifer, grows outside in sub tropic conditions but is a favorite inside plant that is easy to maintain.

Tree Herbicide Application Methods

There are five ways to control trees using recommended chemical herbicides. Each technique demands different herbicide formulations and equipment.

Developing A Personalized Timber Sale Contract

Creating a timber sale contract should give you some comfort and reduce anxiety over your next timber sale. The legal consequences resulting from cutting, purchasing and selling timber should be the major reason for developing a timber contract.

Guide for Preparing and Completing a Timber Sale

Here is a step by step guide on how to sell Timber, prepare for and make a timber sale and assure a smooth timber harvest.

Root and Butt Rot Tree Disease - Prevention and Control

Tree root and butt rot is a disease process that is common in deciduous trees. You can do a lot to prevent and control hardwood pathogens including root and butt rot. Here is how.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease that attacts thousand who work and play in the forest each year. Find out what the disease is, what it does, and how to effectively avoid and treat it.

3 Free Mapping Sites Used by Foresters

A review of three free mapping application sites. Using Google Earth, USGS Map Locator Downloader and Google Maps will get you started on finding and mapping any forest in the United States

The Major Southern Yellow Pines

5 pines - loblolly, shortleaf, longleaf, slash and Virginia – make up most of the southern pine timber inventory and all called Southern Yellow Pine.

America's Most Beautiful Fall Trees In Autumn Color Season

Aspens make a beautiful early fall display and grows on millions of acres west of the Mississippi.

Julius Sterling Morton, Father of Arbor Day

J. Sterling Morton was part politician and part environmentalist. Arbor Day was his celebration and tree planting on a global scale was his legacy.

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