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Top Tree Seedling Sources Online

Suggested Sources for Nursery Tree Purchase and Delivery


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Oak Tree Sapling (Quercus Robor) and Acorn

Oak Tree Sapling (Quercus Robor) and Acorn

Getty Images/Don Farrall

High quality seedlings can be found at reasonable prices on the Internet. You just have to know where to look.

Try these sites the next time you need to purchase trees. They have been picked because of convenience of online ordering, ease of site navigation and reputation. Note that these businesses are well established and have been growing trees for decades. They know how to do it right.

Virginia Department of Forestry

The only government supplier of trees on this list, VDOF has been in the seedling business for over 90 years. They offer hundreds of conifers, hardwoods and specialty packs. The web site is customer friendly very easy to use. VDOF provides an online catalog. Seedling costs are very reasonable and are mostly sold as bare-root planting stock. The best values are in quantities of 1000 and only sold during the dormant season.

Arbor Day Tree Nursery

The Arbor Day Foundation is a pioneer in tree promotion and care. I have been a member for years and get my annual bundle of seedlings that comes with the membership. Their nursery includes a wide variety of fruit, nut and flowering trees and you can get a significant member discount on bulk wildland trees for planting tracts with large acreage.

Musser Forests, Inc.

Based in Indiana County, PA., Musser Forests has been growing quality plants for over 70 years. They offer hundreds of conifers and hardwoods plus their online store is well constructed, easy to use and has the largest selection of tree varieties found anywhere. Musser provides a free catalog and valuable information on tree care and planting. Seedling cost range widely according to species and size. Catalog Request

Gurneys Seed and Nursery Company

Based in Greendale, IN., Gurney's has been in the tree and plant business since 1866 and sells all types of nursery stock, including landscape trees, shrubs and fruit trees. Gurney's is one of the leading seed and nursery companies in the United States and very much present online. I particularly like their Official Blog and YouTube videos. They offer the top rated flowering trees, shade trees and trees for windbreaks.

Greenwood Nursery

Based in McMinnville, TN, Greenwood Nursery started business "just over twenty years ago" when they planted their first seeds and shrub cuttings. They offer hundreds of conifers, hardwoods and shrubs plus their online store is well constructed and very easy to use. Greenwood provides an online catalog only and offers "free trees" for customers. Seedling costs are very reasonable and are mostly sold as bare-root planting stock.

The Nursery at TyTy

The TyTy, Georgia based TyTy Nursery has been in the tree nursery and flower bulb business since 1978. This family business promises to "provide each and every customer with the best product, fastest delivery, lowest price, and overall best service for your money." They are also one of the largest tree seedling sources online with an outstanding YouTube collection of "how to plant" videos. View their order list for a complete company tree inventory.


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