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Finding Wildland Firefighting Employment Online

One-Stop Site For Finding a Forest Firefighting Job


You can now find a vast array of information pointing to firefighting jobs online. A great place to start is the Forest Service site called Fire Employment . You can actually pick up an application online by after securing a password and username. But there is more...

According to the USDA Forest Service there are nationwide temporary employment programs, making it much easier for individuals to find temporary work within the agency. Read how applicants have access to Forest Service jobs in more than 400 locations nationwide. In the past, each Forest Service office issued its own recruitment bulletins, often requiring applicants to contact several offices.

Temporary employment can be found at the Centralized Nationwide Temporary Employment site. You can find current employment here as well as links to other job sources.

Also, you need to check the USAJobs/Forest Service employment website . This site announces all federal jobs and you can search by agency (use USFS or BLM to find fire jobs).

"We have worked with the Office of Personnel Management to establish an easy and efficient way for people to find temporary work with the Forest Service," said Steve Nelson, director for the Forest Service's Office of Human Resource Management. "The system will benefit both the applicant and the federal government because it uses a centralized approach, providing a user-friendly process for applicants, a quality applicant pool for the hiring supervisor and at the same time, reduces cost and time to fill positions."

A year-long recruitment bulletin is posted on the OPM website . A number of positions are available, including technical jobs in archeology, fire, forestry, engineering and hydrology. Find your "occupational series" number and/or type in 0462 or 0091 for fire positions and salary ranges.

All applications will be processed by the recently established Forest Service Automated Temporary Employment Office in Boise, Idaho. Prospective applicants should contact their local Forest Service office or the national recruitment office toll-free at 1-877-813-3476 or USDA Forest Service, Automated Temporary Employment Program, 1249 S. Vinnell Way, Suite 108, Boise, Idaho 83709.

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