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Haines Index to Hotspot


Haines Index: An atmospheric index used to indicate the potential for wildfire growth by measuring the stability and dryness of the air over a fire.

Hand Line: A fireline built with hand tools.

Hazard Reduction: Any treatment of a hazard that reduces the threat of ignition and fire intensity or rate of spread.

Head of a Fire: The side of the fire having the fastest rate of spread.

Heavy Fuels: Fuels of large diameter such as snags, logs, large limb wood, that ignite and are consumed more slowly than flash fuels. Helispot: A temporary landing spot for helicopters.

Helitack: The use of helicopters to transport crews, equipment, and fire retardants or suppressants to the fire line during the initial stages of a fire.

Helitack Crew: A group of firefighters trained in the technical and logistical use of helicopters for fire suppression.

Holding Actions: Planned actions required to achieve wildland prescribed fire management objectives. These actions have specific implementation timeframes for fire use actions but can have less sensitive implementation demands for suppression actions.

Hotshot Crew: A highly trained fire crew used mainly to build fireline by hand.

Hotspot: A particular active part of a fire.

Hotspotting: Reducing or stopping the spread of fire at points of particularly rapid rate of spread or special threat, generally the first step in prompt control, with emphasis on first priorities.

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