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Identify America's 100 Most Common Trees

A Guide for Specific Tree Identification


Basswood Leaf
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Quick Starts to Tree Identification

Start your tree ID with my Tree Finder and Tree Leaf Key if you are not sure what kind of tree you have and the tree has leaves. If you have a dormant tree with no leaves in winter, review my Winter Tree Finder and my Dormant Tree Photo Gallery for extra help.

The Most Common North American Hardwood Trees

Here are the most common North American hardwoods or trees variously known as angiosperms, broadleaf, deciduous and hardwoods. These trees are abundant in both individual tree count and varieties of species in the Eastern North American forest. Hardwood foliage are leaves that can be broad or narrow, thick and thin generally shed annually and can be aligned in an alternate or opposite arrangement. The mature fruits are acorns, nuts, berries, pomes, drupes, samaras, capsules.

The Most Common North American Coniferous Trees

Here are the most common North American conifers or trees variously known as gymnosperms, conifers, evergreens and softwoods. These trees are abundant and grow through out North America. Conifers have needles or scale-like leaves and cones which normally (but not always) keep foliage or needles through the entire year. The mature fruits are described as woody, leathery or fleshy cones.

Quizzes to Test You Identification Skills

Leaf Quiz 1 | Leaf Quiz 2 | Leaf Quiz 3 | Leaf Quiz 4 | Leaf Quiz 5 | Leaf Quiz 6: Tree leaf identification quiz based on 30 common native North American trees

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