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When Do You Plant a Tree?

Times of the Year for Best Tree Planting Survival


Wildland tree planting (the most practical method of tree planting for reforestation) is done during dormant winter months, most often after December 15th but before March 31st. You may need to do it a little earlier or a little later in warmer or colder climates. Your nursery can help you decide.

Always observe the "ten commandments" after seedlings are delivered.

Although you do not plant most wildland trees during the summer you should make sure you have ordered your trees for the season by early summer. Many people who wait until fall to find available trees just might not find any seedlings. Always order your seedlings as early as you can.

Planting urban trees is a little different. Horticultural planting has evolved into an all year operation because of the extra protection of a "root ball" with each tree. Any season is OK for planting balled or burlaped trees.

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