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Logging Terms  - G -

GROUNDED: The placement of a component of a machine on the ground or on a device where it is firmly supported.

GUARDED: Covered, shielded, fenced, enclosed, or otherwise protected by means of suitable enclosures, covers, casings, shields, troughs, railings, screens, mats, or platforms, or by location, to prevent injury.

GUARD RAIL: A railing to restrain a person.

GUNNING OR SIGHTING: Technique of aligning the handle bars and/or gunning mark with the desired falling direction. Since the gunning mark and handle bars are at a 90-degree angle to the bar, exact position of the face, in relation to the desired falling location, can easily be established.

GUYLINE: A line used to support or stabilize a spar.

GYPSY DRUM: A mechanical device wherein the line is not attached to the drum and is manually spooled to control the line movement on and off the drum.

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