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Environmental Forestry Profile Quiz
Are you a preservationist, an environmentalist or a wise user? Determine your forestry environmental profile.

Pick the answer you most closely agree with to determine your environmental forestry profile.
In some cases you may not like any answer.  Pick the least offensive of the three choices.


You look at a forest where timber has been harvested and the first thing you think is...
this is against a higher natural good and is a destructive human practice
this is of concern but there are ways to limit resulting damages and to preserve the forest ecosystem
harvesting a tree is as natural as life itself and is necessary for the greater human good


Which statement are you most in agreement with?
Once a forest resource has attained commercial value, it is only a matter of time until it is depleted
Protect as many forest acres as possible to assure leaving some untouched forests for the future
Forests are healthier and more productive when appropriately used and wisely managed


Complete this sentence.  Nature's forests are important...
and should garner the same rights and privileges as humans
and should be tended to play a major part in the earth's complex web-of-life
and should be tended to please and serve humans


Answer this question.  Can you really own a forest?
No. No one can "own" a forest anymore than they can own nature itself
Only if the owner understands his/her part to play in the forest web of mutual dependency
Absolutely.  A forest should be trusted to the owner to manage first for human benefit


Answer this question. How are you spiritually connected to a forest?
Spirituality and nature, including forests, are one and the same (adore the creation)
Spirituality is closely connected with the forest but is not one and the same (adore both the creator and the creation)
I love forests but keep them separate from my spiritual self (adore the creator)


You see an anti-logging tree sitter protesting on the evening news.  Your initial reaction would be to...
appreciate the commitment and action of the protester
understand the action but think it could be channeled in a more productive way
feel angry that a person could harbor such misguided passions


Your nation's National Forests should...
be off limits to any form of timber harvest
be restricted only to timber harvests necessary to assure forest  and biotic health
be harvested as intended by the Forest Management Act of 1897 (which implies multiple use)


Which statement do you feel to be the most profound and insightful?
Our planet is a self-regulating and "living" ecosystem. Every tree has a necessary part to play
Our planet is fragile but resilient if managed for the good of both the environment and society
Our planet was wisely provided by a Creator who rightly endows Man to "dominion over the earth"


Your college freshman son just announced he will protest timber cutting by spiking trees. You will...
offer your assistance by buying the spikes and hammers
try to dissuade him from spiking but say you understand his strong feelings
get mad and kick him out of the house


Assume a tree has a purpose for existence. You would like to think a tree is here...
to benefit the earth
to benefit the earth and to a lesser extent, man
to benefit man

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