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Christmas Trees
by Lewis Hill
Christmas Trees: Growing and Selling Trees, Wreaths, and Greens
by Lewis Hill

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Published by Storey Communications,Inc.
ISBN: 0882665669

Have you ever dreamed of growing your own Christmas tree and saving forty bucks? Or better yet, planting 20 acres of trees to make the "big killing" of a future Christmas season. It is an attractive notion to thousands every Christmas season. The Christmas tree industry produces an annual crop with a retail value of nearly $700 million and why shouldn’t you cash in on some of this.

Even with big money involved, tree growing may be the biggest mistake you will ever make if you don’t explore the subject and find out what growing Christmas trees entails. I suggest you read Christmas Trees: Growing and Selling Trees, Wreaths, and Greens before your first seedling hits the ground. You may gain a newfound appreciation for the Christmas tree business.

Christmas Trees should be every Christmas tree growing wannabe’s first book on the subject. Author Lewis Hill, Christmas tree expert and member of the National Christmas Tree Association, writes a concise book on nearly every facet of the business, including sources for further reading and an appendix of tree grower suppliers, seed and seedling suppliers, and regional tree associations. Hill knows his stuff because he has nearly 20,000 trees growing on his farm in Vermont.

Mr. Hill begins with the very basics, providing valuable insights on how to choose the best land and the best species of trees to grow on that land. He makes no assumption that you know how to prepare the soil, plant the tree, or care for the tree until harvest. These cultural treatments are described in detail and will prepare you for that first future harvest. As an added benefit, Hill gives his readers is his experience and anecdotal experience drawn from the Author’s many years of Christmas tree growing and selling.

Another benefit of the book is how Hill helps you develop an attractive and lucrative side business by selling greens, roping, and wreaths. Hill shares his experiences with planting and managing a greens orchard, processing greens for both wholesale and retail markets, and making wreaths, sprays, and centerpieces by hand (and with wreath-making machines).

Christmas Trees is a must first book for anyone exploring the business of Christmas trees.

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