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How to Fell a Tree Using a Chainsaw


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Cutting a Tree With a Chainsaw - Safety Is a Must
Logger Ready to Fell Tree

Logger Ready to Fell Tree

All Photos by Rochana Schultz
Tyson Schultz is an Oregon logger and uses his chainsaw everyday to fell trees and buck logs. This is an adaptation of one of his posts to the About Forestry Forum . The logger's comments are presented in italics. All photos were taken by his wife Rochana.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, "More people are killed while felling trees than during any other logging activity." Safety must be of utmost concern when approaching a tree to cut.

Protective clothing should be purchased along with your saw. Cutting trees with a chainsaw is particularly hard on the eyes and ears. Always use protective glasses and ear plugs. Steel capped boots and non-slip gloves are also recommended.

The American OSHA Regulation 1910.266 requires that employed chainsaw operators wear:

1. Head Protection
2. Eye and Face Protection
3. Hearing Protection
4. Protective Chaps or Pants
5. Protective Footwear
6. Combination Head Protection

See OSHA's Logging eTool

These requirements are for professionals who know what they are doing. A casual user should take note of this and have as much protection as a professional, if not more. Understanding that safety is important, let's fell a tree...

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