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Crank Starting a Chainsaw - Starting a Flooded Chainsaw


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Make Sure Your Saw Has Proper Maintenance and Gas
Essential Chainsaw Parts

Parts of a Chainsaw

Small engines, including chainsaws, can be frustrating to start. This is especially true when starting a chainsaw just out of lengthy storage, when engine temperatures are extremely cold or when the saw is in need of a tune-up. Many times a new chainsaw will give you starting trouble right out of the box if you fuel it with an old gas/oil mixture, especially if it has added ethanol. Always use fresh non-ethanol gas after long storage or when filling a new chainsaw tank.

Here is a step by step set of instructions that can make starting a chainsaw less of a chore. It has been developed from tips given to me by loggers who use a saw every day, year after year. The major things to remember are: keeping the saw clean, making sure the saw is full of FRESH non-ethanol gas and mixed with the correct amount of two-stroke oil and avoid flooding. Regular maintenance is a must whether done by you or by a shop. See: How to Maintain Your Chainsaw. Also, take a little time to learn where chainsaw parts are: Important Parts of a Chainsaw

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