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Crank Starting a Chainsaw - Starting a Flooded Chainsaw


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Reboot the Chainsaw and Turn Everything Off

So, for the recent maintenance, tune-up and fresh gas, all you got was a week or two of good cutting and now it won't run. You just know the saw is a lemon - but you are probably wrong. The reason the saw will not run is because it is flooded.

Relax, all is not lost. Stop and take a deep breath. Go grab a soda and pet your dog. Things are about to get better, and time is on your side.

If a flooded chainsaw is your problem, no extra gas is needed - DO NOT be tempted to prime the saw again. The saw has more than enough gas at the right place and too much is the problem.

After a few minutes you can often simply pull the crank cord again with everything on including the throttle pressed in along with its interlock. Cranking a depressed chainsaw without a a working interlock is hard to do without using a drop start (which is dangerous). Have a second person pull the cord if someone is around.

Still not working? Give the chainsaw a break by turning everything off. Flip off the on/off switch. Turn the throttle off. Push or pull the choke to the off position and deal with anything else that might need to be switched off (off is the key word). Some even suggest removing the spark plug, pulling the cord a couple of times, then replacing the plug. By doing all this, you will reset the saw and can start the process of clearing a flooded engine.

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