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Forestry Environmental Issues | Forest Environment

Some of forestry's most serious environmental issues and concerns. Difficult issues facing foresters and natural resource managers when dealing with the temperate and rain forest environment. The environmental issues may not only be real also perceived by the public.
  1. Forest Ecology (8)

Facts About Carbon Sequestration and Carbon Offsets
Carbon sequestration is the process by which atmospheric carbon dioxide is taken up by trees, grasses, and other plants. Carbon offsets offer a voluntary “retail” market to purchase carbon offsets to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint or become “carbon neutral.”

Forest Certification and Sustainability
Forest certification is a forest management scheme that assures through certification and chain of custody that forests are managed for the sustainability of all natural resource in a forest.

Radicalism and the Forestry Environmentalist
Radical environmentalists espouse much of the "Deep Ecology" ideology. Anything is fair game when defending this ethic. Their tactics include, but are not limited to, blockades, tree-sits, spiking trees and damaging targeted forest-related property.

Pantheism and the Forestry Environmentalist
The modern "deep ecology" movement has taken a pantheistic turn and it forms the basic foundation for the radical environmental movement and maybe even a significant influence on the channeled environmental movement.

A Forest Environmentalist's Dilemma
Our world forests have never been looked upon with such scrutiny. Major disagreements over what to do has polarized both the scientific and environmental communities.

Environmental Forestry Profile Quiz

Clearcutting - The Debate
A forestry approved clear cut is not deforestation but one method to achieve even-aged forest management with same aged trees.

Sustainability and Your Forest
Modern efforts to define sustainable development and sustainable forest management have met with confusion and argument. A debate over criteria and indicators to be used to measure forest sustainability is at the heart of the issue.

Forestry and Climate Change

What is a Forestry Best Management Practice?
Forest BMPs are mandated by the EPA during timber harvest practices performed by forest owners and timber cutters. Read this BMP overview.

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