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Fall Tree Foliage and Photosynthesis

All of your fall foliage and autumn color inspirations as well as information on the chemistry of autumn.

Finding the Best Autumn Leaf Color Locations in North America
Here are all the tricks and tips to the best fall and autumn leaf viewing in North America. Find out when and where to go fall leaf viewing, determine the best viewing spots closest to your location, identify the autumn leaf and study the science of leaf color change.

Fall Color Finder
Review of a 64-page fall leaf illustration manual designed to identify leaves and their trees in autumn.

Beartown State Park, A Forest and Geologic Wonder
Beartown State Park, A Forest and Geology Wonder

10 Best Places to See Fall Color in North American Forests
The ten best views of autumn leaf foliage in North America. Top spots for fall color.

Autumn Leaf and Fall Tree Gallery
Autumn Leaf and Fall Tree Gallery

Quaking Aspen and a Fall Railroad Tour
A viewing tour of fall quaking aspen or Populus tremuloides. Find out more about the tree's fall habit in Colorado via a Leadville, Colorado and Southern railroad tour.

Complete Autumn Leaf and Fall Color Guide
A complete guide on autumn leaves, fall color, leaf collecting and the science of leaf color.

How a Leaf Changes Color in Fall
An illustrated overview of how a tree leaf changes during autumn and fall.

Image Gallery of Common Fall Tree Foliage
A photo gallery of common fall tree leaf colors by species

Fall Leaf Colors by Tree Species
Deciduous trees have unique autumn leaf colors. The primary leaf colors of a leaf is determined by anthocyanins (red) and carotenoids (yellow and orange). Find out more about leaf colors by tree species.

USFS National Forest Fall Foliage Hotline
The U. S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service will activate a toll-free fall foliage and autumn leaf hotline this September.

Best Fall Foliage and Autumn Color Web Cams
Here are the best fall foliage and autumn color web cams. Using webcams you can follow the fall color and autumn leaf wave through North America.

Why There is a Fall Leaf Color Change in Autumn
Why is there a fall leaf color change in autumn? It is a complicated process involving photosynthesis, chlorophyll and the lack of moisture.

Predicting Fall Color Leaf Display
How to predict where a beautiful fall leaf display will be. These predictors are a good mix of common sense and can forecast a season with surprising accuracy.

About Catching the Fall Color Wave
Leaf color changes in three primary waves in mixed hardwoods. Find out how to follow the wave in North America.

Making a Tree Leaf Collection
The months of June and July provide the best leaf samples but you can find great leaf samples of fall color. I have seen many beautiful autumn collections.

About the Best Fall and Autumn Tree Guides
About Forestry Guide lists the best leaf color information and field guides...

About Predicting Fall Color Displays
University of Georgia silvics professor, Dr. Kim Coder, suggests there are ways of predicting a beautiful fall leaf display.

5 Ways to Enhance Autumn Leaf Viewing

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