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American Elm's Autumn Fall Color


American Elm's Autumn Fall Color

American Elm's Autumn Fall Color

Used by Permission, Virginia Tech Dendrology
There are six common elm tree species in North America and especially American elm can be be counted on for a consistent and bold autumn leaf display. Elms, unlike oaks and hickories represent only a small portion of the overall diversity leaf trees in the forest. One of the reasons for their limited display is the American elm susceptibility to a devastating disease called Dutch elm disease.

Elm leaf color comes in mainly golden yellow at full color. In the case of slippery elm, the leaves are yellow to golden brown and mixed with yellow-greens. Ulmus americana is the biggest and most beautiful at six inches in length. A key leaf characteristic of the elm leaf is fine-toothed margin and an asymmetrical uneven leaf base.

Elms grow in nearly every state east of the Mississippi river and thrive on moist, rich sites. The tree can be found with boxelder, beech, basswood and sycamore.

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