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Fire in Forests

Check here for sites that give information on wildfire and the sciences associated with fighting forest fires and managing prescribed and controlled burns.
  1. Forest Meteorology (5)
  2. Prescribed Fire in Woodland and Forest (7)
  3. Smokey Bear (18)
  4. Wildfire (35)
  5. Wildfire Protection (4)

National Fire Situation Maps
Maps That Display the Nation's Latest Fire Situation at a Glance

Must Know Terms Used When Fighting a Forest Fire
Here are wildfire concepts and terms every wildland fire fighter must know. They include understanding of fire behavior and terms of attack.

About's Wildfire Glossary and Fire Terms
About Forestry's glossary of essential wildfire terms.

About Wildland Firefighting Jobs
You can now find a vast array of information pointing to firefighting jobs online.

About Prescribed Fire
A report on how foresters us prescribed fire from your About Forestry Guide.

Forest Fire and Wildfire Photos
Photo gallery of wildfire, prescribed burning and forest fires

Predicting Forest Fire Behavior by Understanding Forest Fire Weather
Reading fire behavior and predicting a forest fire's potential threat by understanding forest fire weather.

Your Backyard Forest - Protect Your Property From Wildfire
How to manage a backyard forest of 10 acres or less. You must learn how to protect your backyard forest and property from wildfire.

Tragic and Destructive North American Wildfires
A list of the most destructive wildfire disasters in North American history from 1950 to 2006

Most Famous Wildfire Photograph Ever Taken!
Most Famous Wildfire Photograph Ever Taken

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