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Using a Forest for Firewood

Sites that will assist you to procure firewood and purchase the best wood stoves to produce heat.

Physical Properties of Popular Firewood by Tree Species
Physical Properties of Firewood by Species

About FAQ - Using a Forest for Firewood
A first review and primer on the most asked questions on collecting and using firewood for home heating.

About the Value of Firewood
Read this to avoid being ripped off when buying firewood.

About Felling a Tree for Firewood
If you plan to cut your own firewood you just may be interested in a how-to pictorial on felling a tree. This primer could be a back saver - may even save your life.

Approximate Conversions of Most Common Units of Wood Measure
I have compiled a list of common wood conversions foresters, loggers and timber owners need on occasion.

Heating your home, cabin or camp using firewood is a personal choice. There are as many reasons to burn as not to burn fuel wood. Burning wood comes down to understanding firewood procurement and firewood handling while sizing up your ability to do both. Here are some things you need to remember about firewood.

Questions and Answers About Firewood
Here are answers to many questions asked by people planning to buy and prepare firewood for burning. This Fequently Asked Questions page on firewood addresses the most common concerns about purchasing and using firewood.

Finding and Using Firewood for Home Heating
Using firewood for heating a home is an energy option that can save you money as well as using a renewable resource that is always available. Find out how to locate wood, select the best burning wood and how wood burns.

Building a Fire in a Wood Stove
Starting a fire in your fireplace is not complicated but should be done correctly for efficiency and safety. Learn how to start a fire in your wood stove or fireplace.

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