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Heating your home, cabin or camp using firewood is a personal choice. There are as many reasons not to burn as there are to burn fuel wood so carefully decide if it is worth it. Burning wood comes down to understanding firewood procurement and firewood handling while sizing up your ability to do both. Here is some basic information about firewood that can help you decide if burning wood is right for you.
  1. Buying and Cutting Firewood
  2. Seasoning and Burning Firewood

Buying and Cutting Firewood

A lot of us love buying a rick of firewood, fueling fireplaces with that firewood while gladly accepting the challenges involved. But fueling a fireplace or firewood burning stove can be a lot of work and cost you way too much if volumes and values are not known. Here are the basics on buying firewood and cutting firewood

Seasoning and Burning Firewood

Two very important factors are necessary to be successful at using firewood for heating or cooking. You need to use the best tree species that produces the most heat over the longest period of time and you need to season the wood to make the most of the wood's "coaling" potential without excessive energy loss. Here are the basics on selecting and seasoning firewood.

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