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Forestry Equipment, Supplies and Tool Reviews

Forestry has a unique list of equipment for working on forests and trees. Loggers, firefighters, sawmillers, tree planters and foresters have specializes tools to complete their work. Here are forestry tools of the trade.
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What is a Tree Volume Table?
A major resource used by a forester is a volume table which estimates wood volume in standing timber.

What is a Tree Diameter Tape?
A major tool used by a forester is a diameter tape or d-tape.

Before You Buy an Outdoor GPS
GPS features essential for working, hiking and geocashe in the forest can be more extensive than those needed only for automobile navigation. I have developed some GPS features you need to consider when a GPS receiver is to be used outdoors in the forest.

Your Favorite Compass
Please help me describe some favorite compasses and why you prefer yours

The Amazing Biltmore Stick - About Forestry
The "Biltmore stick" is an ingenious device used in cruising and measuring trees and logs and to estimate lumber.

The Increment Borer
What is an Increment Borer?

A Beginner Chainsaw eCourse
All chainsaw beginners need to take this four-part Chainsaw eCourse!

About Chainsaws Frequently Asked Questions
About Forestry answers chainsaw questions...

About Buying a Portable Sawmill
Tips on purchasing a portable sawmill from your About.com Guide

About Portable Sawmills: Interview With a Mill Consultant
Ron Wenrich's take on varieties of portable sawmills...

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