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Central Park South - A Photo Tour of Common Park Trees


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Central Park South - Royal Paulownia
Royal Paulownia

Royal Paulownia

Photo by Steve Nix
South Central Park is actually a section of the park New York City tourists visit most often. Gates along Central Park South are just a short walk north from Times Square. What these visitors don't usually realize is that Central Park is a giant urban forest with nearly 25,000 surveyed and cataloged trees.

The photo above shows paulownia trees looking out toward the skyline of Central Park South and that shade a 7th Avenue entrance. They adorn the small hill just inside the Artisan's Gate and in front of Heckscher's Playground. Native hawthorn (cratageus spp.) is blooming and framing trees in a related feature New York City's Royal Paulownia - A Photo Feature

Royal Paulownia is an introduced ornamental that has become well established in North America. It is also known as princess-tree, empress-tree, or paulownia. It has a tropical look with very large catalpa-like leaves. The two species are not related. The tree is a prodigious seeder and grows extremely fast. Unfortunately, because of this ability to grow nearly anywhere and at a rapid rate, it is now considered an invasive exotic tree species. You are encouraged to plant the tree with caution. Read more on Invasive Exotic Trees. Read more about: Royal Paulownia

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