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Global and International Forestry

About Europe Flunks Forestry Review
The latest World Wide Fund gives European countries bad forestry marks.

European Forest Institute
A well designed web site.  EFI facilitates research and discussion to serve the needs of policy and decision making on forestry in Europe...

Forest and Forest Industries Country Fact Sheets
The United Nation's fact sheets and overviews of forest resources in major countries...

Global Association of On-line Foresters
The aim of the G.A.O.F - Global Association of Online Foresters - is to increase the understanding of forestry by improving communication world-wide.  The GAOF provides a forum for the exchange of information on current topics relating to forestry. Members communicate by e-mail and all members receive copies of correspondence either by return or as a digest.

International Union of Forestry Research Organizations
IUFRO is a non-profit international network of forest scientists.  This site is a network of shared forestry and forest product research...

"builds the future of the forest sector through research."

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization - Forestry
The United Nation's gateway to forestry research, education, and extension...

UN/ECE Timber Committee
"The UN/ECE has recently updated informatin on a variety of topics that may be of interest to those keeping track of forest products, resources, statistics, and related." Liz Ellis

World Conservation Monitoring Centre
WCMC is a centre of excellence for information on conservation and sustainable use of the world's living resource.

World Forestry Institute
WFI is a not for profit organization that indicates that its "commodity is information".  WFI collect sand disseminates forest-related information using direct contact, conferencing and publications...

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