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Aspen Tree - One of the 100 Most Common North American Trees


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Description and Identification of an Aspen Tree
Aspen Tree Leaf

Aspen Tree Leaf

Jeff Brokaw
Common Names: trembling aspen, golden aspen, quiver-leaf aspen, small-toothed aspen, Canadian aspen, quakie, popple
Habitat: Aspen trees occupy pure stands on sandy gravelly slopes, the only transcontinental broadleaf tree growing from Newfoundland to California and Mexico. It is often associated with Douglas fir. An aspen tree is a pioneer tree after fires and logging, the most wind-sensitive leaf of any broadleaf species.
Description: The circular to triangular leaves gives this species its name, each leaf trembling in the slightest breeze at the end of a long, flattened stem. The thin, damage-prone bark is light green and smooth with bands of warty bumps.
Uses: furniture parts, matches, boxes, pulp

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