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The World's Tropical and Temperate Rainforest

A tropical rainforest is the most biodiverse ecological habitats on Earth and is home to 50 percent of all living organisms on earth. Tropical rainforests mainly occur inside the World's equatorial regions.
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Tropical Rainforests - Questions and Answers
Science-based answers to the most basic rainforest questions.

Importance of the Rainforest Canopy
The primary tropical rainforest is divided into at least five layers: the overstory, the true canopy, the understory, the shrub layer, and the forest floor.

Tropical Rainforest Regions
Rhett Butler in his excellent book, A Place Out of Time, refers to the regions as the Afrotropical, the Australian, the Indomalayan and the Neotropical rainforest realms.

Tropical Rainforests and Biodiversity
A tropical rainforest is the world's most spectacular example of a living ecosystem and the ultimate in biodiversity.

Rain Forest - Two Very Different Reviews
Rain Forest - Two Very Different Reviews

A Tropical Hardwood Hammock and Tropical Forest Ecosystem
Tropical Hardwood Hammock, Tropical Hardwood forest

Ficus Aurea in Florida's Tropical Hardwood Forest
The strangler fig, or Ficus aurea, is one of the most interesting trees in the North American tropical hardwood forest and a native of south Florida and the West Indies. The strangler fig produces a continuous crop of seeds via the fruit. Birds transport these seed in droppings.

The Red and Black Mangrove Trees of North America
The Florida mangrove forests and swamps comprise an ecosystem of the coasts of the Florida peninsula, including the Florida Keys.

The Amazon and Neotropical Rainforest
The Amazon Basin/Neotropical Rainforest

The African Afrotropical Rainforest
The African Afrotropical Rainforest

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