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Guide for Preparing and Completing a Timber Sale


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Timing a Sale is Important - Try to Sell High!
Poles at loading dock

Poles at loading dock

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As a timber grower, you need to have some reasonable idea about the kind of timber you are selling. Remember that each tree, even stands of trees, has its own unique marketable characteristic and associated volume. Your forester partner will inventory the timber for these characteristics and provide an estimate of volumes (along with estimated value) available for harvest. Potential buyers are more likely to be interested if they know what kind and how much timber is being offered for sale. This report can then be used to estimate a fair price you can expect for your sale.

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Timing is important in getting the best price for wood. The best time to sell, obviously, is when demand for timber is up and prices are at a peak. This is easier said than done but you do need to be aware of current stumpage prices and market conditions in your particular area. You forester partner will.

With the exception of a specific disaster (from pests, weather, fire), you should not be rushed into a sale. Trees, unlike other farm products, can be stored on the stump during poor markets. One constant that history always confirms is - timber values eventually go up.

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