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Using Botanical Markers to Identify a Tree


Here is a resource designed to help you with identifying a tree and the types of common tree species that exist in the United States. By using a tree's anatomy and species physiology you can identify a tree while collecting and observing leaves, cones, flowers, bark and fruit - in both summer and winter. Mapping a tree's habitat or range can eliminate many similar looking different trees.
  1. Tree Identification
  2. Tree Anatomy
  3. Forest and Tree Images
  4. Tree Range and Habitat
  5. The Autumn Tree

Tree Identification

Silhouettes Yellow Poplar Leaf

I would like to help you identify and name the 100 most common of 700 tree species that are native to North America. A bit ambitious, maybe, but this could be one small step toward your learning about tree species and their names. After you learn what a tree actually is, I help you use botanical markers that are necessary in identifying the tree on the spot.

Tree Anatomy

Trees come in various shapes and sizes but all have the same basic structure. Trees have a central column called the trunk. The bark-covered trunk supports a framework of branches and twigs. This framework is called the crown with a unique shape. Branches in turn bear an outside covering and layer of leaves.

Forest and Tree Images

Autumn Forest, New River, West Virginia

There are times when you just have to look at a forest or tree to understand it; reading just does not adequately describe in enough detail. Yep, a picture or illustration really is worth a thousand words and goes a long way toward explaining where a tree lives and how it grows.

Tree Range and Habitat

Baldcypress Range

Knowing where a tree lives is just as important as knowing how to identify its parts. All trees have native ranges and are rarely found naturally outside of them. Many trees also tend to be associated with other trees that grow in similar habitats.

The Autumn Tree

Mature Dogwood in Shiloh Battlefield, Tennessee

No forestry site would be complete without some mention of the Fall and Autumn tree leaf. I have created an in-depth resource using tree leaf science to predict where good leaf color will be and live autumn leaf cams to keep track. You will find tons of information and suggested resources that will enhance your next autumn leaf viewing trip.

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