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Tree Care and Tree Maintenance

Tree care and forest management techniques are much advanced using the methods developed by the sciences of silviculture and arboriculture. Learn more about the arborist and the silviculturist.
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Tree Care Information - Fixing Tree Problems
A good tree care program begins with a general understanding of man's role in relation to trees. Regarding your own trees, you will usually have four possible courses of action to choose from. Which action you choose to take will have a profound effect on your trees. The following four illustrations will probably fit your situation but you...

Manage Trees With Suckers and Watersprouts
A tree sucker sprout and tree water sprout can provide clues to tree health, indicating that the tree is either very vigorous or has injury or dead wood above the sprouts.

Manage Trees During Drought - Making Tree Water Available
Your tree has both a natural tolerance to drought and benefits from proper care. You can't change a tree's natural tolerance to drought but you can provide water to that tree that most protects during periods of low moisture.

Avoiding Ice and Snow Damage to Trees
Ways to Ice and Snow Proof Your Trees

Seven Ways to Storm Proof Your Trees and Property
Seven Ways to protect trees and property from storm damage by prevention and planning

Winterize Your Trees
Trees in fall are beginnng their dormant phase. Trees may seem to be inactive but the fact is they need to be winterized - protected and cared for to remain healthy, free from diseases and insects. Here is how you winterize your trees.

Storm Damaged Trees
Hundreds of thousands of shade and street trees in the United States are storm damaged by wind, ice and lightning each year.

How to Mulch Your Tree
How to Mulch Your Tree

What to do With Surface Roots in Your Yard
Tree roots that grow on the surface are difficult to mow or walk over and can effect the growth and health of nearby grass and groundcovers. Here are tips on protecting that tree from root damage.

Facts About Staking a Tree
Tree staking is never done with the intention of harming a tree but can be devastating to future tree health.

How to Prune a Tree
Pruning is essential in developing a tree with a strong structure and desirable form. Here is how to do it.

How to Kill a Tree - FAQs
Tips on how to quickly kill your favorite tree.

Tree Fertilizing Basics
Fertilizers are important to growing young trees. Find out when to apply, how to use and what fertilizers to buy.

Tree Wellness Quiz
Take this tree wellness quiz to see just how prepared you are to successfully raise a healthy tree.

Trees in Your Back Yard 101
Trees In Your Back Yard - Forestry 101

Prescriptions for Wounded Trees - Tree Care
A good tree-care program begins with a general understanding of man's role in relation to trees.

Prescriptions for Wounded Trees - Branch , Trunk , Root Wounds
A tree is considered to be wounded when its bark is broken so that either its inner bark or wood is exposed to the air.

Prevent Problems in Wounded Trees - Pruning Part 1
If pruning is necessary, prune dead and dying branches properly to help the tree heal its branch wounds faster and to reduce the chances for infection that could lead to decay.

Prevent Problems in Wounded Trees - Pruning Part 2
There are things in nature that will compromise a trees health. They may or may not be easy to prevent by pruning or thinning (see cankers, splits and hollows).

Treatment for Wounded Trees
Try to prevent wounds first, but when a tree is wounded, take these steps:

Final Prescription Summary
Follow this step by step prescription for preventing or minimizing tree damage caused by decay:

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