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The Atlantic Maritime Forest

The Atlanitc Dune Woodlands and Maritime Uplands Ecosystem


These Atlantic maritime dune woodlands and maritime uplands are an overlooked, misunderstood forest community and under significant threat from both natural and man-made causes. Maritime dune forests are composed of deciduous, coniferous, and broadleaf evergreen trees. These trees include live oak, sabel palm , magnolia, holly, loblolly pine and a rare pignut hickory at Nags Head Woods.

"Maritime upland forests contain species-poor evergreen and mixed coastal forests. They are often pine-dominated, with an understory of deciduous trees". (Fleming et al., 2006). Weather, and especially water availability and chemical make-up, creates conditions that make coastal forests unique.

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Maritime Forest Climax Live Oak - Ancient Angel Oak Nags Head Woods, Ancient DuneAncient Atlantic Maritime DuneNags Head Woods, IslandA Maritime Forest's Unique Fresh WatershedRed Maple over Loblolly Pine SnagMaple Over Loblolly Pine Snag
Nags Head Woods, WaxmyrtleWaxmyrtle and Loblolly PineNags Head Woods, American HollyAmerican Holly at Nags Head WoodsNags Head Woods, Sweet Pignut HickoryPignut Hickory in Nags Head WoodsNags Head Woods, RedbayRed Bay at Nags Head Woods
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