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Balanced Lobed Hardwood Leaves - Tree Leaf Key

A Quick and Easy Way to Identify 50 Common North American Trees


Now that you have found balanced lobes, let's look at a leaf with lobes that branch off in either a palmate or pinnate manner. Let's continue...

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1. Palmately Lobed Leaf

Fallen leaf yellow maple leaf on textured ...
Nebojsa Novakovic/Moment Open/Getty Images
Does your tree have a leaf where ribs or veins radiate out of the stalk or petiole attachment like fingers on a hand (palmate)? If so, continue to maple, sweetgum, sycamore and yellow poplar...


2. Pinnately Lobed Leaf

Pinnately Lobed Leaf
Does your tree have a leaf where ribs or veins into lobes arise from several places along central vein or midrib (pinnate)? If so, continue to white oak, red oak and American holly...

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