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10 Best Trees You Should Plant

Consider Planting These Trees in a Yard or Landscape


Oak tree
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I've picked ten best trees readily available for planting in your yard. Consider these the best trees to plant in a large yard or landscape. For a smaller yard you might be better served using these perfectly beautiful smaller trees.

Although there are dozens of great trees from which to pick, I have taken some of the subjectivity out to give you reasonable choices. I am certain any one of these ten trees will earn itself a place of pride in your yard. Still, you should pay close attention to each tree's characteristics and use my information to make your final selection.

The Most Popular Trees

I've reviewed the popular literature for you, polled my About Forestry forum and the Internet for the most popular trees and compiled these frequently requested trees to use as a starting place. By further studying the commercial appeal of each of these individual species and taking into account horticulturists' praise I selected my ten best.

One other criterion I set is, the tree has to be native to North America with large ranges and do well in and around those ranges. Exotics tend to have two-edged problems: they either express later health problems (insects, disease, brittle) or quickly become a green scourge that threatens native trees and plants. Sometimes they have both problems. These trees become very large and needs a large yard or landscape. Try my Best 10 Small Trees for a small yard.

I also provide A Guide to Tree Planting to help you after you've selected your tree. You might want to find out how much you really know about planting and taking care of your tree through that first critical year. Take my Wellness Quiz.

My Best Tree Picks

All of the trees selected here have been screened to make a great yard tree within the limits of their potential habit and growth constraints. I think you will be pleased and satisfied when planting each and every one of these trees:

No Tree Is Perfect

Remember, all yard trees can have both good and bad characteristics. It is a rare tree that will satisfy your needs throughout its entire life span on a given site. A tree can outgrow its original purpose very quickly or grow into its intended purpose very slowly. Understanding this concept is the key to proper tree planting in your yard.

It is extremely important you understand that your tree needs early attention after planting and correct care and attention as it matures. You can permanently harm your tree by incorrect placement and improper care.

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