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Developing a Forest Land Hunting Lease


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Hunting Lease - An Essential Forestry Document
Hunter and Bird Dog

Hunter With Bird Dog

Photo by Steve Nix
Demands for land to lease for hunting is growing rapidly in the United States. The leasing of private forest lands for hunting, in the very least, can supplement a timber owner's income. It can often be a forest owner's primary source of revenue.

Dedicated hunters will travel long distances and are willing to pay a lot of money for a contract to hunt game animals wherever they are plentiful. If you have a property that supports plentiful game species you need to consider a hunting lease for your property for both lease hunting and fee hunting.

You should always develop a lease if you allow hunting for pay on your property. A lease and liability insurance are the two tools that will protect a landowner when entertaining paying guests. A lease can be written for periods of several days to decades.

I have created this tutorial and guide on preparing a hunting lease for an individual hunter or hunting club to use. These steps should be used as suggestions for building a legal hunting document that protects both the hunter (lessee) and the property owner (lessor).

The legal language will be bold and in italics. Put all the bold italicized print together to craft a legal hunting lease.

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