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Readers Respond: Do You Believe Trees Have a Spirit and Are Sentient Beings?

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A book I just reviewed set me back on my heels a bit. New Age book PersonaliTrees, written by Joan Klostermann-Ketels, suggests trees are sentient beings, possess a spirit energy and have personalities. She provides interesting photos of trees physically expressing human characteristics that often change as they age. I have always felt a certain awe on my forest treks but maybe I need to pay closer attention in the future. What Do You Believe

Believe It

Well, yes I think that trees have a certain consciousness. I wouldn't go so far as to say 'personality'. I think all trees are 'caregivers' and have a protective and emotional or physiological healing quality. I believe all living things have an electrical current and emit and respond to magnet fields and that all living things are connected spiritually in some subtle way. Too bad most humans don't recognize who their friends R.
—Guest joe

Tree Acres to Qualify as Old Growth

Just how many acres does it take to make an "Old Growth Forest"?
—Guest logscaler

Ancient Forest Needs Significant Tree #s

A forest is generally considered an area in which a large number of trees live. Depending on your interest in those woods you might call them woodlots, timberland, forest land - you get the picture. So, you could call a forest "ancient" according to what I have defined in this article and with a significant tree density.


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Trees are Sentient Beings. Every living biological creature is a sentient being, creating the collective diversity that is our Earth, our world. It's 2012. I had thought human creatures would have woken up to this by now.....
—Guest Jody

Every living creation has a "Spirit."

Ookay--Oohh!--How can anyone possibly nix on Joan's healing experience? Careful! If you don't agree, fine--but how dare to diminish another's "healing experience." God is creator of Every living plant, human, animal, every living cell. So certainly even a living tree stands tall and gives all that living energy back with branches outreached back to the heavens and It's Creator.
—Guest Kathleen

Tree Spirits and Nature Spirits

Always been connected to Nature and I'm not crazy hippy though there is no shame if one is. I suppose it's my culture to respect what makes my life possible the animals, trees, and hard working people. They all have their own spirit because I am not as arrogant to say they don't. I have felt the energies off certain trees older ones and lively ones. I think the spirit of the forest has to do with a collective spirit of that particular species. I also found it emotional realizing that every year the tree resumes growth of new leaves after withstanding harsh winters. Also, they provide without really asking for much from us. They house and feed many animals all over the world. When a forest is fell because of greed and lack of compassion, I think the world feels it. Meaning every creature and plant you have destroyed to harvest timber. The sad thing is they are so kind that they know they must die for our use and would probably give their life. Too bad we can't do the same for them.
—Guest Rin

Healing trees and tree sentiant beings

Hard to believe, but hard to ignore these facts: I went to Qinway Qigong seminar 3.2 in Hawaii tolearn Qigong to heal physical ailments. After learning the QiGong, the teacher taught us how to communicate with trees, ocean and mountain. She took us to a grove of trees to practice. Sounded weird to me, but I had paid thousands of dollars and traveled a long distance, so went along with it. I am not sensitive to energy or telepathic/psychic, but got a strong message from a tree that kept beckoning. A strong force shot out of the tree and embedded itself deep into my chest. Next evening my jugulars started to pulsate; by morning energy startey pulsating and moving in a circular motion in my chest. It continued all day. Long story short, I went off all medications during this 3 day seminar and most of my long list of ailments are resolved. I
—Guest caroltsu


Absolutly as i have aged i have come to believe all of nature and earth herself have spirits,and we owe much to nature,if we dont change and respect all things we will pay dearly
—Guest mmkkpro

tree spirits

Oh boy. Do you see many elves, and wood fairies where your at. Oh by the way watch out for those dragons and orcs.
—Guest mark

Ttrees have spirits

Everything on this earth was created by God. To me there is some sort of spiritual being, if we understood the mechanics of creation I think we would look at it differently.
—Guest Carol


Whenever I visit Mount Nemo in CANADA , I feel at my grandfather's home , when I stand by the side of the 800 to 1000 years old trees. The sages of India retired to forests to discover their inner self . Trees are testimony of time , selfless entities , home to generations of birds , self motivated to grow , sustain the recessions of harsh winters , and positively spring forth to life in spring.

We know nothing

If we only knew how the universe really worked...I think there is every possibility that trees have sentience. Large, old trees especially. I happen to have a 120 foot pine right outside my front window....like 10 feet outside my window. I have had several experiences over the years with it. Most involving psychedelic mushrooms but still very real. These large trees have a real undeniable presence. I personally believe they have sentience. It's amazing to think that there are forests full of them. I just hope they don't feel physical pain.
—Guest Nate

Spirit of Trees

Greetings - SHARING. Our Vedic culture has always respected Trees-called as "VRIKSHA" in Sanskrit & venerated in our scriptures. Trees like small plants, shrubs, flower have feelings and so obviously is a Conscious living organism. There are many things we are not able to prove in a lab; but Dr Bose did prove some of this. In years to come, I sincerely hope Forests & Trees will gain this respect and that Illegal deforestation & Logging all over the globe, including my country will cease - Planet Earth &Man Needs Trees - With Regards Capt.TR (Retd Mariner) Chennai INDIA
—Guest Capt.TRajkumar

The Jury Is Still Out.

No to the belief that trees possess a spirit. Reserve judgement about whether they are sentient. Certainly not in the way we typically define sentient. They do respond to stimuli, grow, reproduce, breathe, eat,... Perhaps one day we'll find that they have rudimentary communication of a sort. Til then the jury remains out.
—Guest scotjute

What Do You Believe

Do You Believe Trees Have a Spirit and Are Sentient Beings?

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